expert music consulting is one of our hallmarks.

we recognize that the musical component of creative project is oftentimes one of the most critical ingredients. our professional staff studies your needs and after careful research provides your organization with meaningful and cost effective solutions. 

some of our musical services:









guide arts organizations & museums through music related projects. museums can enhance their current exhibits with musical tie-ins, thereby enriching their exhibitions with a more comprehensive perspective. we address all periods and styles with great attention to detail.

advise and assist record labels with innovative recording projects. we are recognized for our pioneering style and exceptional discoveries of past and present music.

support composers during all phases of project development whether it be film, opera, chamber, or new media. our staff can provide services from project inception to performance.

advise film directors & producers as they consider current and future scripts. we will recommend novel musical solutions to every musical aspect of film production, including source music, original music, musical instruction of actors, on screen instruments, musicians, singers, and licensing issues.


guide choreographers & ballet companies throughout the creation of a new work. our many years of experience enables us to attend to each musical component with penetrating insight.


collaborate with web based music companies to create dynamic musical experiences. 




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